Electronic Governor for Rotorway 162F
and Exec 90 helicopters

Rotorway Governor System

This is a microprocessor controlled electronic engine speed governing system that has been programmed specifically for the RW Exec 162F, and Exec 90. When properly installed, it will hold the engine speed at 4250 RPM with less than 1% variation. This results in a rotor speed of 520 RPM with less than 0.25% variation.

The governor will hold these tolerances from full down collective to the point where the collective position calls for more power than the engine is capable of producing at 4250 RPM. It can be overridden in the positive direction. The engine RPM can be increased, above what the governor is set at, by twisting the throttle grip. Turning the governor off returns full engine control to the pilot.

To activate the Governor you simply bring the rotor RPM up to 90% and turn the governor on. The governor takes control of the engine and brings it up to 4250 rpm, which equals 520 rotor rpm, and holds it there. The pilot can override the governor, in positive direction, by simply rolling on more throttles. The engine rpm will not drop below 4250 until the governor is turned off. Turning the governor off returns full throttle control to the pilot.

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The kit comes complete with everything necessary to install it on your Exec 162F or Exec 90. All existing Rotorway throttle control cable, linkage, etc. are left in place and in tack. And it can be installed in 2-3 hours.

Weight 5lbs
Power 12 VDC @ 6 Amps Max
Stability Less than + 1% of target engine RPM
Operating Temperature -40F to +185F
Vibration 6 G's from 40 to 2000 Hz