Electronic Governor Purchase Agreement

Electronic Governor
For Rotorway Helicopters
Purchase/Liability Release Agreement

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Purchase price $1495.00 US Dollars plus Flat Rate Shipping of $37.00

  1. Prior to the purchase of this electronic governor system, the buyer understands that it is not a FAA certified part and is intended for use on an experimental helicopter.
  2. The Electronic Governor has been installed and flight tested on the Rotorway 90, and 162F and it performed satisfactorily. The governor consists of new high quality, off the shelf, components that have proven effective and reliable, over time, in industrial applications. In the absence of extensive flight testing the seller makes no claims with regard to reliability, AND assumes no liability in the case of a failure. Air Kraft, Inc., makes no claims of merchantibility or suitability for any particular purpose, or any expressed or implied warranty.
  3. Governor parts that fail, during a period of one years from the date of purchase, during normal operation, that have been properly maintained and show no signs of abuse, will be replaced at the discretion of the seller, Air Kraft, Inc..
  4. The buyer further agrees to read the Installation and Operation manual carefully and follow its instruction to the letter. Failure to do so may result in unsatisfactory and possibly unsafe operation.
  5. If, upon receiving the Electronic Governor kit, the buyer is dissatisfied with it he or she may return it, at their expense, for a full refund less a 15% restocking fee..
  6. Air Kraft, Inc., will provide Technical Support and installation counsel free for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  7. The Buyer agrees to pay all packing and shipping charges. Usual Flat Rate charges are $37.00 for domestic and international orders.
  8. The Electronic Governor is an experimental governor that is intended to be installed on an experimental helicopter. The buyer is responsible for its installation and safe operation. The buyer's signature on this form signifies their acceptance of total responsibility for the installation and operation of this product and releases the seller from any liability, direct, or consequential damages associated with its installation or use.

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