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By: Justin Travis Owner/Builder


I have spent close to 1000 hrs constructing and probably an equal amount of time researching to complete this project. Cost of my project is close to $100,000.00 including all extras NOT INCLUDING THE BUILD TIME.

This ship is one of the nicest out there with little expense spared. It is reliable and flies with very little maintenance. Power is never a worry in this ship as with the piston version. I fly in and out of my home, which is a vertical climb out above the trees, easily on a 95 deg summer day. It is well equipped with a Terra Digital Com and Transponder with altitude encoder. It has an ELT, a Vertical Card compass, full instrumentation and a great intercom with MP3/Audio input. It attracts a lot of attention everywhere I go. At fly-in's, people walk past the Jet Rangers, and R44's and come to check out this ship. There are not many as nice as this and NONE for sale.

Ship flys well and is similar in flight to an R22 except it is less twitchy. The control forces feel almost like a hydraulic ship. There are very little stick forces due to the design of the Rotorway elastomeric rotorhead. This ship has been dynamically balanced. The ship is so smooth, I can remove my hand from the cyclic in a hover to wave.

Rotorways are left hand PIC and the rotor spins opposite to that of non European helos. I have been asked if this was hard to adjust to and to answer, I would say it is not an issue at all. If you can fly a helicopter, your feet do what they need to do to point the ship where you want it. I did all my training in Robinsons and transitioned myself without problem.

I am selling the aircraft as parts with data plate removed. This is for liability reasons. As anyone knows, the FAA considers the builder the Manufacturer. I do not have product liability insurance like an aircraft manufacturer and do not want the liability. Buyer will have obtain their own airworthiness certificate. This will also allow builder to apply for repairmens certificate as well so they can maintain it. I will provide documentation that should assist in this recertification.


70 hrs hobbs at time of listing

Fuel Jet-A, K-1 or Diesel (Ive always run Jet A and K-1)

Gross Weight 1500 (per Rotorway)*
Empty Wt 868
Useful Load 632
Fuel Capacity 40 Gal
Endurance 2.8 hrs (no res)
VNE 115 mph (per Rotorway)*
Seat limit 215 (per Rotorway)*

*Some have been known to exceed the limits set down by Rotorway. I